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UW-Madison students, faculty, and staff can apply for only $25 and receive a $35 driving credit (credit expires after 60 days).


To apply through this special promotion, click here.













Memberships are available!




Memberships are available IF applicants have

a 1 year driving history, where driving history begins with start of FULL license (18-year-olds can join with 1 year driving history), a completely spotless driving record, and a 3.0 or higher GPA.




A special membership package is available to Eagle Heights and University Apartments residents!

  • NO application fee!
  • NO prepayment required!
  • NO monthly plan fee!
  • Pay only $7.25/hr as you drive
  • click here for eligibility requirements
  • click here to apply or re-apply


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annual renewal fee


In the anniversary month of a driver's start date, Individual and Business accounts will be charged a non-refundable Annual Renewal Fee of $35. Additional drivers on an account will each be charged a $15 Annual Renewal Fee.





All Plan Fees and Usage Fees are subject to Local Sales tax (5.5%) and Rental Vehicle Sales tax (5%). These taxes are not reflected in the prices listed.



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