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Community Car membership includes 150 FREE MILES*

with every reservation




gasoline, maintenance, carwashes, insurance,

and 24-hour assistance.


*Each additional mile costs $0.48.



















rate per hour
Smart Advantage
12 months
Freedom 500
12 months
Motion 25
1 month

Pay As You Drive


more info below





Insomniac Rate

$4 per hour*

Daily Rate
$85 per day**

up to 24 hours

more info below



application fee


It's only $35 to join.


annual membership fee


No annual membership fee for your first year.  On your anniversary date, you will be charged $35 to keep your membership current.


prepayment plans


You receive a discounted hourly rate when you sign up for a prepayment plan. 


The Freedom 500 plan requires a $500 payment up front.  Then trip costs are calculated with an hourly rate of $8 and driving costs are deducted from the prepaid sum.  The plan expires when the funds are used up or 12 months have passed, whichever comes sooner. 


The Motion 25 plans require a monthly prepayment of $25.  Then trip costs are calculated with an hourly rate of $9 and driving costs are deducted from the prepaid sum.  When the prepayment has been used up, trip costs continue to be calculated at the hourly rate of $9 and costs are added to the end-of-month invoice.  If the prepayment is not used within the month, the credits expire.  The plan automatically renews each month.


pay as you drive plan


With no prepayment required, this plan is perfect for occasional-to-infrequent drivers.  You simply pay when you drive.


special rates


When you use a car late at night or for a day trip, these special rates automatically take the place of your plan rate.


**Reservations may last no more than 72 hours. You DO NOT receive 150 free miles per day; you receive 150 free miles per reservation and pay $0.48/mile for miles in excess of the first 150.






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annual renewal fee


In the anniversary month of a driver's start date, Individual and Business accounts will be charged a non-refundable Annual Renewal Fee of $35. Additional drivers on an account will each be charged a $15 Annual Renewal Fee.





All Plan Fees and Usage Fees are subject to Local Sales tax (5.5%) and Rental Vehicle Sales tax (5%). These taxes are not reflected in the prices listed.














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