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Going car-free may be the newest trend, replacing the Prius as the green status symbol. Click here to read this article from the Huffington Post.


Wisconsin Public Television highlights the growing need for Community Car as gas prices rise, April 7th, 2011


Community Car joins International CarSharing Association and is 1 of 18 founding members,, February 2011


Community Car talks about rising gas prices, WKOW, December 28, 2010


Community Car adds 19th car to its fleet, Wisconsin State Journal,October 27, 2010


St. Mary's Becomes Newest Location for Community Car, Madison Community Foundation.January 2010


Madison Community Foundation helps sponsor Meals on Wheels, Wisconsin State Journal, June 24th, 2009


Community Car, Madison's car-sharing service, has some competition, The Capital Times, January 14, 2009


Community Car: Environmental efficiency, In Business Magazine , January 2009


EnAct pushes eco-friendly travel, The Daily Cardinal, September 23, 2008


Car Sharing Services Use Sponsorship To Spark Membership, IEG Sponsorship Report, August 25, 2008


Madisonians Divorce Their Cars, The Capital Times, July 11, 2008


Divorce Your Car Party: A Community Car Event, Wisconsin Eye, July 10, 2008


Time to Divorce your car . . . again, The Wisconsin State Journal, July 10, 2008


The Divorce Rate Just Went Up In Madison, Channel 3000, June 10th, 2008


Think Gas Prices Are Bad Now? Just Wait..., Channel 3000, June 8th, 2008


Party Lets You 'Divorce Your Car', The Capital Times, July 8, 2008


Ditching The Car, Finding Wheel Deals, CBS Evening News, July 1, 2008.


Renting Cars By The Hour, CBS Evening News, July 1st, 2008.


Dealers Report Madison Area Hotbed for Hybrid Vehicles, Channel 3000, November 9, 2007


Car-Sharing Firms to Merge, The Wall Street Journal, November 1, 2007


Zipcar, Flexcar to Combine Resources, All Things Considered, NPR, November 1, 2007


Zipcar, Flexcar to Merge Car Sharing Businesses, San Francisco Chronicle, October 31, 2007


Adventures in Car Sharing, Cover Story, WI State Journal, August 6, 2007


Community Car is Nationally Recognized, WMTV Ch. 15, July 3, 2007


Car Sharing Industry is Growing, NBC Nightly News, July 3, 2007


Community Car,, July 2007

Six drivers divorce their cars in Madison, Isthmus, June 26, 2007


Drivers Officially Divorce Their Car, Channel 3000, June 26, 2007


'Divorce your car ceremony tonight', The Capital Times, June 25, 2007


Divorce Your Car Party Interview, Live At 5 WISC-TV Ch.3, June 25, 2007


Its road rules include sharing: Car cooperative in Madison soon could start Milwaukee fleet, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, June 10, 2007


Madison's carsharing service going full speed ahead, Eau Claire Leader-Telegram, June 3, 2007


Community Vehicle Service is zooming in popularity, The Capital Times, May 2007


A Deeper Shade of Green, Independent Banker, May 2007


Growing a Greener Madison, Madison Magazine, May 2007


Online Extra... Should You Share a Car?, AARP Bulletin, March 2007


The Green Guide to Greater Madison 2007, Greater Madison Convention & Visitors Bureau, March 2007


Gift Guide 2006: Community Car, In Business Magazine, October 2006


Going Without: City woman gives up her car for 2 weeks during Car-Free Challenge, Wisconsin State Journal, October 2, 2006


One Woman Goes Carfree, Live at 5 WISC-TV Ch. 3,

September 23, 2006


This Year's New Model, Isthmus, September 7, 2006


40 Under 40, In Business Magazine, August 2006


An Inconvenient Truth and What You Can Do About It, Forward Forum, The Mic 92.1 FM, June 17, 2006


It's Gone--and Other Musings on our Car-Centric Culture, Capitol Neighborhood's Downtown Dialogue, April-May 2006


Breaking the Multiple Car Addiction, Sustainable Times, April 2006


Hybrid Cars: A Step in the Right Direction, Sustainable Times, April 2006


Vroom, Vroom, Madison Magazine, April 2006


Community Car Receives Gift, WORT FM, March 15, 2006


Madison Community Foundation 1st Gift, WKOW Ch. 27 Wake-up Wisconsin, March 9, 2006


The Best Places to Work, Madison Magazine, March 2006


Madison Community Foundation Gives Van, WISC-TV Ch.3, February 28, 2006


Community Car Gets City Birthday Present, Capital Times, February 28, 2006


Car-sharing Service to Get a Vehicle, Wisconsin State Journal, February 28, 2006


Community Car Receives Minivan Gift, WIBA 1310 AM,

February 28, 2006


The Best Places to Work, Live at Five, WISC-TV Ch. 3

February 16, 2006


That New Car Smell: Contract With Community Car Extends UW's Leadership in Transportation, Madison Magazine,

January 2006


Smart Toyota Donates Prius Leases, In Business Magazine , November 2005


Global Warming: The Signs and the Science, PBS Special, aired November 2, 2005, Community Car interview on DVD release


Community Car Expands, WSUM - Environmental Dosage, October 29, 2005


Driving Less and Loving It, Isthmus, October 28, 2005


Community Car Update, WORT FM, October 26, 2005


Carsharing Service to Expand, WI Week, October 18, 2005

Community Car Celebrates 2nd Birthday, 1310 WIBA, October 15, 2005


Community Car at the UW, 92.1 The MIC, October 14, 2005


UW Students will have access to cars, The Daily Cardinal, October 12, 2005


Campus Carsharing Program to Cater to Students and Commuters, WPR News, October 12, 2005


Community Car Fueling Ideas, WISC-TV Ch. 3, October 11, 2005


Community Car Expands, WMSN Ch. 47, October 11, 2005


A UW Car When You Need It, Capital Times, October 11, 2005


Carsharing Expands, Capital Times, October 10, 2005


Carsharing Growing at the UW, Wisconsin State Journal, October 8, 2005


Revved Up, Madison Magzine, May 2005


Industry Focus: Business Commuting, In Business Magazine, April 2005


Alternatives to the Rising Price of Gas, WISC TV, Channel 3, March 26, 2005


Carsharing programs: their positive effect on the economy, the environment and gridlock, WPR Ideas Network with Kathleen Dunn, February 15, 2005

Community Car Cuts Pollution - and Spending, Core Weekly, October 28, 2004


Share and Share Alike, Wisconsin State Journal - Fall Auto Preview, October 24, 2004


Catching a Ride, On Wisconsin, Summer 2004


WISC TV, Channel 3, May 16, 2004

WISC TV, Channel 3, March 28, 2004


Enviro-visionary, A day in the life of Sonya Newenhouse, eco-entrepreneur - Isthmus, February 27, 2004


Wheels By the Hour - Wisconsin Trails Magazine, March/Arpil 2004

Community Car Offers Services to Students - Daily Cardinal, March 1, 2004


Carsharing Options on Campus with Community Car - UW WI Week, February 25, 2004


A car-sharing program coming to a parking garage under a library near you - Badger Herald, February 19, 2004


Community Car Comes to UW-Madison Campus

WKOW - 27 News, February 18, 2004


Car-sharing program saves gas, money

Wisconsin State Journal, January 6, 2004


In our Back Yard - Local News

WORT Radio, September 17, 2003


NBC News, Channel 15, September 13, 2003: Interview with Betsy Robertson.


Compartamos – Mi carro es tu carro! La Comunidad News, September 4, 2003


Baby you can drive my car by David Medaris, Isthmus, August 29, 2003


Car Sharing Program Rolls into Madison NBC-15 News, August 25, 2003


'Car sharing' program pulls into Madison, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, August 25, 2003


'Car sharing' program debuts here next month, Capital Times, August 20, 2003


WIBA Radio August 17, 2003: Interview with Maria Segura


Don't Buy A Car - Share One, WISC TV, August 11, 2003


Wisconsin Public Radio, August 8, 2003:  Listen


Partnership that Works by Patrick Eagan and Rebecca Cors

Industrial Ecology: A . Wisconsin Academy Review, Vol. 49, No. 1, Winter 2003. Page 61.


Our Mutual Ford by Michele Mariani Governing Magazine, June 2002.


National Car-Free Day: Interview with Betsy Robertson

NBC-15 News, April 2002.


Dumping Your Car an Option by Michelle Gerise Godwin

Capital Times, Madison, WI. April 10, 2002. Opinion Section.


Making a Wheel Change by Kristine Hansen Madison Magazine. April 2002. Page 74.


Portland Paves Way

Capital Times, Madison, WI. January 3, 2002. Page 8A, Editorial.


Madison Group Plans to Offer Car Sharing

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee, WI. December 30, 2001. Page 3B.


Environmental Group Explores Car Sharing

The Janesville Gazette, Janesville, WI. December 30, 2001. Page 3B


Share the Fleet by Pat Schneider

Capital Times, Madison, WI. December 29-30. Front Page. Weekend Edition.


Car Sharing Idea Receives Funding by Sonya Newenhouse

Eastside News, Madison, WI. September/October 2001.


NBC News, Channel 15, July 24, 2001: Interview with Betsy Robertson

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