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Community Car is committed to providing hybrid-electric and high gas mileage cars.

The transportation sector is one of the leading sources of greenhouse gas emissions in Wisconsin. 


Therefore driving less is one of our easiest and most effective means of protecting and improving our environment.



Community Car members are keeping cars

off the road.


  • 57% of members avoid the purchase of a car
  • 12% of members sell a car upon joining 
  • 9% of members intend to sell a car upon joining



On average, members of carsharing organizations reduce their driving by 50% after signing up.  93% of members bus, bike, walk, or carpool almost every day.



Fewer cars on the road translates into


  •  less air pollution
  •  less traffic congestion
  •  more green space due to less parking demand
  •  improved water quality
  •  healthier, happier neighborhoods



Why wait?  Sell your car or second car, join Community Car, and help our city and state move toward a more sustainable future.



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