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Using A Prius

Steps To Start The Prius

Starting A Prius:

  1. Press down brake and hold (foot must be on brake or car won't start).
  2. Place key in square ignition (found right of steering wheel).
  3. Press "Power" button (hold down for 2 seconds).
  4. Pull lever up to "R" (reverse) or down to "D" (drive) and release.
Steps To Shut Prius Off

Shutting Down A Prius:

  1. Press down on brake and hold.
  2. Press Park button (this puts the car in Park).
  3. Press "Power" button (this turns the car off).
  4. Pull the key out of the ignition.

If the car doesn't "work" it most likely isn't on all the way. Turn everything off and start over from step one. A light that reads "READY" will appear on the dashboard when the car is on.